Covid Cabin Fever

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Covid Cabin Fever

Post by Tetge »

I trust you all are still safe and are surviving the Covid-19 and social unrest.

Today I could not stand months of staying home but, by the time I got up and about, it was already too hot to do all the tire pressure checking and suiting up required to ride my KTM. So, I figured that I'd take the slug (my slow Mustang) for a spin as it has a/c that sort of works, and, it has barely been driven for three months so it could use some exercise to get well warmed up and to charge the battery. In fact, I was a bit worried that it might not have sufficient juice to start, but, 12v lead acid car batteries hold their charges for a long time, and, modern charging systems do a good job compared to the old 6v batteries and so-so generators of my ill spent youth. So the slug started right up, and, thanks to modern technology, I could see that all the tires had more air in them then specified, as they were last filled when it was cooler, and a hot garage can really change tire pressures (which is why I always check the motorcycle before each ride).

So, I set off, and, immediately, I realized that even after 60+ years of driving with a license, I had obviously lost my ability to drive, as it was difficult to go straight and not weave around, and to watch the speedo, and to time the shifts, and watch for traffic, and cops and all. The Mustang felt massive as well. And, I was just barely out of my garage. But, I fought the stress and took a round trip run up to Mt Emma, and the Forest Hwy, and the Nine Mile. There was a lot of traffic out on a late Sunday morning, but, it was not an issue, although I did pull over and wave an SUV by, and there was one accident that they held us up for as they towed a car out of the ditch next to a corner that it missed making. I never did fully recover any of my driving skills, such as they ever were, but, I got a bit better at keeping to my side of the road as the miles built up, and, I even kept up with a big pick up truck for awhile on the Forest Hwy.

But, beyond putting 60 miles, or so, on the ODD, and blowing a bit of soot out of the engine when as seems to happen to me, the throttle stuck a couple of times, and charging the battery, I also took something important away from today's drive. And, that was, as I wobbled along, missing the lines through easy corners, with an eye on the speedometer to make sure that speeds did not creep up too high, I decided that I now could forget any lust that I might still harbor for a better performing vehicle, car, or bike, as modern machines are so capable that they all can exceed the speed limit sufficiently to get a seriously bad citation, and, they all can easily handle sane speeds, and a bit more speed, on the street. As well, most modern stock machines move right along when it comes to acceleration, even so-called family machines.

So, since I am too old, broke, and feeble to take a vehicle to a race course, there is no valid reason for any further lust for performance vehicles vehicles on my part. And this is good, since of late performance vehicles that interest me have become expensive and also at times difficult to obtain. So, the spin in the slug ended up being rewarding as I now have discarded any regret that I could not once again step up to some new performance machine, and, indeed, I shall quit looking at Autotrader for deals on a new GT350....

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Re: Covid Cabin Fever

Post by SonicVenum »

Glad you knocked some cobwebs loose! :dance: My lust for a new Mustang ebbs and flows. I used GT350 sounds like it would be fun, but then they go an release images & video for the new 2021 Mach 1, and I gotta have it. I love the appearance package in Fighter Jet Grey. Alas, the baby will take precedence, and Rach is in full nesting mode, so I'm working on the house every weekend. Our back yard went from a dirt wasteland where only the dog ventured, to an outdoor living utopia in about a month (new concrete, new sprinklers, new grass seed, pea gravel in the planter, and a bunch of new patio furniture). We even have a fountain. But, I will have my Mustang... one day. :whistle:

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Re: Covid Cabin Fever

Post by xjrguy »

I'm glad everyone is staying safe and healthy!
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