Looking at another DRZ400e in San Miguel

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Re: Looking at another DRZ400e in San Miguel

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Tetge wrote:I chatted with the parts guy at the local Suzuki dealer not long ago and he said that he had raced a kick starter E model in motocross, and that it was light enough to be fairly quick. In fact he still had the bike, but, it was not street legal. Fortunately, for street riders, the extra weight of the later models is really not all that big a deal, and, they can be modified to give pretty good power as well. The SM also has a different swing arm and front forks that make it perform even better on pavement. As it stands, even the E is heavy, and tall, by my standards, for pure dirt use. I think that I'd like a Hodaka or a step through Honda Trial 90. I might be slow, but, I'd get there sooner or later, and I could touch the ground and even almost carry the bike if I came to really rough going. But, my dirt riding as a sport, days, are long past, so I am not interested in roosting and flat tracking and all those physically demanding and risky things.
The E has NO relationship to the DRZ street bikes. I think you would be amazed at the difference in feel. Sure it is heavy, but the 25-30 lbs less makes a big difference. I could lose another 15 and we would be talking about 40-45 lbs less "total riding weight". (and maybe I also hit the lotto lol) And it has Michelin Enduro Competition tires -- http://moto.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michel ... ition-iiie that are pretty worthless on cobblestones. But pretty great on the dirt. Thumpity-thump on pavement. This is a dirt bike. Only.
And I am happy to have it. :whistle:

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