Met the San Miguel de Allende Biker group

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Met the San Miguel de Allende Biker group

Post by jhwalker » Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:41 pm

at a birthday party for a biker I know -- Last Saturday. They had all just returned from a 4 day tour thru some cool places, about 10 of them. Some riding KLR 650s, a couple of BMW 800s, a BMW 1200, and an 1150, other stuff not discussed. Wives went along, and if bored or cold moved into the big-ass supports They had two support pickup trucks that had a bunch of tools and parts. Good guys it appeared. A couple of them plan to buy Triumph Scramblers, they were not current on the Ducati Scrambler. They were not really internet folks. I sent them links to the Ducati and to that very cool Triumph custom that I posted here recently. They are all geezers like yours truly.

These guys hook up every week on Wednesday evenings at a local redneck joint called the Longhorn. The night I went these folks I met were not there and I decided to just skip ever going again. I may try again, but both of my DRZs are illegal here now because I only ride them in the campo. Just like for my SPF, Mexico will bust my stones financially to get them legal. I will spend more than they cost me. I will probably just wait for the Ducati as my only Mexico-legal bike, or I will have burned up the money to buy the Ducati. :whistle:

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