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Sennheiser Microphone

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:45 am
by Tetge
Had to test the Sennheiser GoPro4 Action Mic out and I was able to find a person to take it for a ride on the back bumper of a 2017 Mustang, which was obviously slow and stock. It was just around the block and down the SRT. The driver, who may well be senile, alleged that the throttle stuck on the SRT and that there was unintended acceleration. You can also hear the no lift shift strategy in action, as the tune cuts the throttle momentarily on shifts when the clutch is depressed and the throttle is 75% open or more and revs are over 5000 RPM. Ford Racing says that this is a plus feature, but, it and the clutch and the loose side actuated shift linkage all make the car hard to drive for an old school driver. It also will not permit a burnout the old way and mandates that one has to use the line lock track app feature to do a burn out. All this would no doubt be easy for the younger, more tech savvy folks, but, it eludes me still. Not that I would ever do a burnout, or try to shift quickly as I long ago reformed as far as those sorts of foolish behaviors go....

The Sennheiser Action Mic works much better than the built in mic of a GoPro4, and, it handled the wind noise fairly well.

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Re: Sennheiser Microphone

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:21 am
by SonicVenum
Sounds awesome! So, that's the stock exhaust??? If so, Ford must be trying to kill the exhaust aftermarket for Mustangs because that sound amazing! You've got me drooling. :o :dance:

Re: Sennheiser Microphone

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:40 am
by jhwalker
good vid. :clap: It would have been cool if you had floored it a couple of times... :whistle:

Re: Sennheiser Microphone

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:38 pm
by Tetge
SonicVenum wrote:Sounds awesome! So, that's the stock exhaust??? If so, Ford must be trying to kill the exhaust aftermarket for Mustangs because that sound amazing! You've got me drooling. :o :dance:

You know that everything is stock, but, perhaps, there is a custom fabricated x-pipe that replaced the resonator, and a couple of Flowmaster 40's with the stock exhaust tips welded onto them as there are some complex bends involved. And, perhaps Ford Racing stuff might have crept onto the engine, as the new car warranty is preserved if one has a Ford dealer install the mod. The stock 2017 has a 6700 RPM rev limiter and does not feature the no lift shift, but, the Ford Racing Power Packs require a tune to be flashed using a lap top and the USB dongle that is the interface and that stores the stock tune to marry the tune to the car, like a Predator did, but, with much fewer options of changing anything beyond adjustments for rear gear changes. But, the one great feature that made me want the mod, beyond the preservation of the full new car warranty and the CARB approval, was that the tune raised the rev limiter to 7200 RPM, which is almost as high as the 7400 RPM of the 2018. This is useful as it adds headroom to each gear, not that this matters a ton, but, on shorter drag radials, it would allow enough headroom to clean the 1/4 in 4th gear, rather than needing a shift to the 1:1, 5th gear. This is not an issue anymore, since I have retired from beating on cars at the strip, but, a couple of years ago, it seemed important.

As for Senior Walker's comment? I was nervous about any speeding, so, I told the driver (who is definitely senile) not hammer the throttle too much. And that's my story. But, the video gives a bit of insight into why I still like to drive a manual trans V8 Mustang, and, it also shows that even a slow 2017 is reasonably quick, even on cold pavement with all the nannies on. And. per a recent instrumented test by R&T or C&D, the manual 2017 car had the same 0-60 time as the new 2018, due in my opinion to the better gearing of the 2017's D5 (5th is 1:1 with one overdrive) MT82 trans while the 2018 has the new revised D4 (4th is 1:1 with two overdrives). For a city mouse, the D5 trans has nice ratios. And, the D5 uses its first 4 gears to cover the 1/4, whlie the new D4 would use only 3 gears, as its third gear is about the same as 4th in the old box.

In short, I am successively undoing the raising of the bar that was started way back in the early Terminators at LACR days by the aforementioned senior Walker, and, although weening myself away from an 11.4, Terminator to my current 13.x car, involved some disappointment and adjustment, I am good with that now, as even 13.x is quick on the street, and 0-60 in approximately 5 seconds, still means that one is not a total sheep...... It even gets around 13 miles per gallon in the city, and its rear tires look fatigued with only around 4000 miles, on them, as there were MT DR's on the car last year, which are still stored waiting for better conditions, as MT DR's make the Nitto DR's that we used to run on the street seem positively sticky by comparison in the rain or the cold. But, on a nice summer day, those big MT's really grip.

Re: Sennheiser Microphone

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:22 pm
by jhwalker
It has a nice raucous sound. It is hard to believe that it was 14-15 years ago that we were watching Danny chain-smoking while giving you a good tune and blowing up my car. :whistle: