bmw m3????

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Braydon D

bmw m3????

Post by Braydon D » Sun Jun 10, 2007 4:07 pm

I live in southwestern ontario and i need to know where to buy a 2005 bmw m3 and also how much it is, hp, etc.


bmw m3????

Post by theomdude » Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:13 pm

Go to Auto Trader Canada, at: ... autotrader

Input your search criteria in "FIND A USED VEHICLE"

In the next page, leave the price blank. Input the year in the appropriate boxes, and select a region (Windsor, I assume) and punch "Search these regions"

I found only two, but you can expand your search area and give that a try.

Also try BMW Canada's Website at:

Click on Find A Retailer

Select "Ontario" from "Region"

Select a dealer.

Go to "Products" and select "pre-owned"

Under "Inventory Search - Browse our current inventory of Pre-Owned and Certified Seriesâ„¢ vehicles," punch "Search Now"

Select "Coupé," "M3 Coupé," and "2005" in the approriate boxes.

Select "Search"

I found none in Sarnia, but you may have better luck.

Good hunting!


bmw m3????

Post by Reckloe » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:21 pm

In Canadian dollars a BMW M3 can run from 45-75,000.
333-hp 3.2 Litre Inline 6.
You can defiantly check and the website and click on Pre-owned Vehicles follow the links from there and you can see dealers phone numbers and contact info for the M3.

Mike K

bmw m3????

Post by Mike K » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:53 am

If you are buying a m3 for hp and speed then look for a different car. I spend almost every weekend at the track and the m3's are very over rated as far as straight line speed goes. They have a 333hp V6 and are very expensive to modify. In stock form they run around a 13.5 at the track. Even with very expensive superchargers, exhaust, cai, tune, and tires, they dont break the 12.5's. Now if you are buying a car that does well at cornering speed, looks awsome, has a awsome interior, and is one of the overall coolest cars around in my opinion then the m3 is the car for you. I just know a lot of people at the track are extremely disapointed in there straight line speed and expected a 12 second car. Now, the 08's that are comming out will have a 400hp v8 engine that should be a high 12 second stock 1/4 mile car, look out!!

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