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If you are new here, say "Hello"! Introduce yourself, your ride and what you like to do.
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New guy

Post by concealer404 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:10 am

Hi all,

I'm also coming to you from the Club Polk forums, but the bulk of my internet posting comes from

Which also brings me to what i drive: A 1992 Celica GT hatch. Bought for $600 originally to enter in the Grassroots Motorsports $2008 challenge, but that kindof fell apart once i sold my 1993 Celica GT Coupe, and started daily driving the 92.

That being said, it's been modified thus far to try to keep to the $2008 budget, so far it has:

2000-2005 Celica GT-S 16" wheels
215/45-16 Hankook Ventus RS2 Z212 tires
Ksport coilovers
Custom strut tower braces (2-point front, 3-point rear)
Suspension Techniques 22mm sway bar rear, stock front
Modified Injen Civic intake
Zex wet kit 75-shot
Completely gutted

It's entertaining, if not all-out fast. It handles like a dream and will run 13.8-14.0 quarter miles.

However, being that i'm kindof sick of jumping from car to car like i tend to do, (have had over 20 cars since i started driving 6 years ago.) I'm going to finish this car right. I'm in the middle of accumulating parts for a 3sgte swap out of a 94-99 Celica GT4 ST205. Stock motor puts out 255hp, and with basic bolt ons will put down 300whp/300wtq.

So far accumulated:
V6 Solara manual transmission
TRD Japan LSD for Solara transmission
Celica AllTrac transmission crossmember
Walbro 255lph pump
bigass fmic

The funds to purchase the ST205 engine set have almost reached critical mass. The car SHOULD be swapped and running by the end of 2008, barring any disasters. From there, it'll just be a new paint job, and a 10-point roll cage until tax season comes around so i can put a more amusing turbo on it. :)


I apologize for the large pics.

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Re: New guy

Post by Tetge » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:01 am

Now, that's a serious car. Of course, I have to admit I know nothing of this Grassroots Motorsports $2008 challenge, but apparently it requires some serious iron. Also the car sure looks clean for a $600 car.

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Re: New guy

Post by concealer404 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:44 am

Thanks! :)

It's not quite so serious yet, but in a land where i live filled with Hondas, it's something different. :lol:

The Grassroots Motorsports $200x challenge is a competition hosted by that magazine in which you have the same dollar amount as what year it is to build a car to compete in an autocross, drag, and concours. So, this year (this past weekend) was $2008, next year $2009, and so on.

I'm going to make it this coming year, no excuses. Planning on fielding either a Tercel or a Paseo, and shoehorning a 3.0 litre Camry quad cam v6. Should be entertaining.

As far as how clean the car is.... overall it's decent. As they say, good from afar, far from good. It WAS way better when i first bought it, then we had a hail storm the very next weekend. I jacked up the front bumper taking it off the trailer, so i'm waiting on my replacement to come in, it's a CS bumper with a much wider mouth, came on the Celica GT4RC/Grp A overseas, so that's not seen much in the US, which is neat. Interior wasn't so nice, which was the initial reason why it got taken out, but it's all getting there.

The main reason why i bought it was simply because there is not a spot of rust on the body, and the underside is VERY clean as well, so i don't have to deal with the frozen corroded bolts from the north that were on my 93. (New England car)

Thanks for the kind words, i'll be sticking around, and posting updates as they occur. :-D

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Re: New guy

Post by xjrguy » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:31 pm


Great update.........oh and don't worry about posting large pics. We have some decent bandwidth and a beefy server to support it. :mrgreen:

I know that I would be interested in following your progress.

I think I remember seeing something about what you are participating on television a couple years ago (but the dollar limit was a lot lower, like $800)

Top Gear had a good segment about buying cars on a budget and then comparing/racing them.

Jeremy and Co. bought a BMW 6 series, Jaguar XJS V12 and a Mitsubishi Starion.

Pretty funny, here is the video ... 1848354398
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Re: New guy

Post by concealer404 » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:13 am

Bumper came in today...

I'll get pics of it this week. Won't be painted and installed until probably Sunday evening. Probably putting my 90-93 Celica Convertible sideskirts on at the same time. :-D And that'll probably be it for awhile on exterior modifications.

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