If you are new here, say "Hello"! Introduce yourself, your ride and what you like to do.
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Re: Hola!

Post by Tetge » Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:49 am

mikedbike2002 wrote:
Brakelate wrote:
xjrguy wrote: Sorry for minor derail.
Yeah, jeeze. Someone call the Admin! :lol:

Glad to see Screwtape here. Looks like he's got a (SERIOUS) new race bike! :clap:

Yeah, it was 117 in Baker tonight about 5pm. I was thinking I could sneak in one more ride this coming Sunday, maybe even hit GMR again for the first time in like 22 years. But, the temps are set to be outrageous this weekend.
If you decide to do GMR let me know!

At 8:30am it is already almost 90 and warming up quickly. It is forecast to get to 109* today where I am, and even hotter where Brakelate is. That is too hot for a long motorcycle jaunt in leathers. This is when you want to dress like Bullitt (in house slippers and a wife beater and shorts and some "DOT-NOT" shortie helmet. Of course, you really need a Harley or at least something that looks like a Harley to make the ride complete and real.

And now, a note to validate the credibility of my post:

I would have posted proof in the form of a pic, but, I apparently archived my proofs, which means that are, for all practical purposes, lost. Also, to be fair, if a ride is going to be crazy fast, Bullitt would wear low cut tennis shoes without laces and long pants. Because, Bullitt has been known to go to the red haze now and then, and move right along at a very decent fast clip, although he always snaps out of it and blames us and swears that he will reform permanently. As I said, we have pics somewhere, and, some youtube videos are on my site. There may even be evidence of his former NOZ powered Chrysler 300 at LACR (I am just mentioning this as more evidence that he is a madman).

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