A wet Sunday

A wet Sunday

Postby Thruxton71 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:18 pm

The rain wasn't supposed to start till after 10am, so I broke out the 1952 MAC and joined the Sunday riders at 7am in Ojai. We rode out the pass to Carpinteria, then towards Ventura on the coast, first 101, then side roads. The overcast gave a muted look to the Ocean, and at times I thought I smelled rain, but we were dry when we pulled into the coffee shop where reputedly there is a group of classic bikes every Sunday. We wanted to meet up with them, kick tires, see if they were as crazy as us about old iron. (Well, I was the only one riding a proper motorcycle, Velocette, others in our group were on Moto Guzzi's, a 1990 Honda Hawk, a three wheeled corvair, and a Miata..)

We were the only bikes there, and after some time, it started to sprinkle. I grabbed my bike and headed up the Avenue towards Ojai, and sprinkle turned to rain. My fellow riders got strung out, I made a light that they missed, and that was that. By the time I got to Ojai I was soaked, but the MAC was loving the rain. It is a great rain bike. No horsepower, weak brakes, and a long time companion, making it comfortable on suspect surfaces.

Warm and dry in Ojai.
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Re: A wet Sunday

Postby jhwalker » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:45 pm

Well done. I had to go to you-tube to watch Velocette vids after reading.
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Re: A wet Sunday

Postby Tetge » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:45 pm

One has to admire real riders who ride most Sunday's, rain or shine, hot or cold. The most I have done all winter if look at my bike and shake my head "no" even to a short hop to stir up the fluids and charge the battery a bit. Too cold and getting caught in the rain has never been fun, although there was this time that I grabbed the left lane on my Guzzi and really put the hammer down in a very heavy downpour and left old Brakelate, on his rocket ship Kawasaki 9R, paddling along in the tire tracks of 18 wheelers, as his wide, semi race, tires did not do well in deep standing water. So, rain can be fun, but only under a set of very limited circumstances, and, also, I was significantly younger then as well as under the influence of a ride leader (Brakelate) who lived for challenges, such as extreme cold/hot; cattle in the middle of the road around blind corners; heavy rain, etc. One can get caught up in the moment at times when following along like a mindless sheep and it is possible to suddenly realize that one is in over their head and beyond their ability. That's when luck enters into things....
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