The MAC visits the beach

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The MAC visits the beach

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I promised my 1952 Velocette MAC that I would ride it last Sunday, so after 20 minutes of shuffling other motorcycles around, I wheeled it out from the dark corner of the Garage where it was resting. Push it up the starting hill, coast away from the neighbors, and POP, it idles into life. Three other motorcycles and a Miata were gathered at the Gas Station. I had filled up on my last ride, so I was ready. It is getting warm in Ojai, so we decided to take in the Ocean air and stay cool.

I haven't been riding in the last few months, just last weekend on the Suzuki, so I took up the rear, figuring that as my MAC was the slow ride, I wouldn't be holding anyone up. However, the big BMW started braking in straights on 150, which is posted at 55, and is a fast road to Carpinteria, so I had to get by him. The Triumph Trident was waiting for us, worried that there must have been a breakdown or an accident, but no, we were just slow.

I chased the Triumph, but the MAC is no match for a 750 triple. I kept him in sight, as he was not trying to escape. The GB 500 was off the front, and waiting for us on the Ocean side. We all stopped to turn on Bates road (actually Rincon Ranch Road, that turns into Bates, and leads to the 101 toward Ventura), waiting quite a while for the BMW to catch up. Quite a while.

Jump on 101 heading south, running next to the Pacific. The end of Bates was crowded with parked cars, all wanting to access the beach in a spot that was not closed. We jumped off at the next open exit, near Hobson Beach Park (closed) and proceeded to idle along the stretch that is normally packed with big giant RVs, now completely empty and patrolled (we spotted three police cars) to keep people from stopping. It was surreal, riding along the coast, no people, no cars, just the ocean and the beach. And, very cool.

We split up in Ventura, the trident and I heading up the Avenue then across Crooked Palm road (where there is a substantial encampment of seedy RVs, trailers, and campers), then the Triumph and I split, he heading into Ojai, and I across the river, past Foster Park, and up Santa Ana. On my right I could see the normally almost dry Ventura River flowing well, fed with snow melt and past rains. Lots of green, as a result. All good.

Like a horse returning to the stable, the MAC tugged me to my Garage and Breakfast. The wait staff was a little rude, but the food was good. And the price was right.

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Re: The MAC visits the beach

Post by Tetge »

But, did you all wear face masks? And, are you sure that the big BMW is riding with the correct group if he can't match the pace of a 1952 MAC with 17 HP and a big heavy rider? I might seriously wonder if the BMW rider should even be riding? Or, if so, whether he belongs in a group of ride the middle of the lane, hold up traffic, typical Harley, riders? The CHP always teaches their riders to ride a bit faster than traffic as this is obviously much safer.

But, then again, you were all riding, other than some Miata, which is more than I can say for me. My excuse is that I could not figure out the face mask business.....

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