The MAC, the Super Cub, and the 1200 Sportster

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The MAC, the Super Cub, and the 1200 Sportster

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It was a fine Sunday morning, and I met my daughter on her new Honda Super Cub, her friend on her 1200 cc Sportster. The plan was to ride up 33 to a scenic spot and take photos of the Birthday girl on her Sporty. My daughter had never ventured out far on her new Cub, but she has some riding experience. She has owned a Rebel, and most recently a 1976 CB 360 t, but is not that serious, so a step through cub might actually get some use.

The usual crowd took off from the gas station, leaving me and my MAC waiting for the photo shoot crowd. There was the corvair trike, and a very nice Norton 750S, my MAC and a Miata. They took off as my daughter rolled in. We waited around and the big Harley showed up with my Daughter's friend piloting.

I ran in the back, The MAC not having any trouble keeping up the pace. The Honda struggled a little on a few steep climbs, but was much more capable than I thought it would be. Ridden aggressively it would not hold up too much traffic on 33. We got up, just before Rose Valley there is an outlook on a point in the road, and that was where we stopped for the photos. Crazy girl climbed on top of her Harley and stood on the seat for more effect. I almost fell over watching.

The Norton stopped on their way back from the top, admiring the sportster. The Norton owner is a closet Harley guy, as they own a Buell, and used to be an engineer with Jim Feuling, of the three cylinder Harley fame.

Going down was uneventful, I got off the front and was holding back, only to be passed by some sort of scooter like thingy. It had scooter sized knobby tires, as we caught up at the light from hell. I wanted to chase them, but didn't want to leave my fellow riders behind.. so I let him go. Probably all for the better.

A pack of super high performance sport cars, big money rigs, was heading up as we descended. Very nice sounding exhausts.

Another ride on my 1952 MAC. The clutch cable is breaking, so I shifted without it to preserve it. Off to Barnett's for a replacement cable.. soon.

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