TWC sucks

TWC sucks

Postby Tetge » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:04 pm

Every single night my 200/20 premium service drop to as low as 30's Mbps down, but, tonight it has hit a new low at 6.39 Mbps down. This is ~3.2% of the speed that I am paying for and the upload speed also sucks. DSL Reports gives it an F. And, when I used my cell phone to call in to complain, since the TWC internet phone went out, they gave me the same run around as usual. It is very false advertising to pimp their speeds and prices and then not deliver anywhere near what they sell you and no one will take any ownership over the issue. The problem also is not just me, since my neighbors on the same box in the ground as i have also get the same low speeds. TWC now says that they are aware of the issue which has been going on for a month and that they are working on it, but, thus far it keeps getting worse.

I guess that you get what you pay for, so perhaps I should have just paid AT&T, and DirecTV, who now is owned by AT&T, the 45% higher monthly fees and left well enough alone. But, AT&T was not at all interested in any customer loyalty incentives for a 10 year customer, as they apparenntly don't care and it made me angry enough to jump ship. But, I will have to give up on TWC if they are going to give me such slow speeds since at least U-Verse, although slow, at ~22Mbps, was dead solid and never slowed due to traffic. However, it is a PITA to switch carriers, and TWC alleges that they are working on a widespread slow problem at this point. Perhaps they will have to make it work better since per the last tech, who showed me the info on his pad, there are 10 slow nodes in the AV and lots of reports that things are too slow. When that many customers are complaining, it is hard to ignore.

But, thus far,TWC sucks.

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Re: TWC sucks

Postby xbacksideslider » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:49 am

You can thank regulation. Regulation bars lawsuits.
Your sole option is to file a complaint with the FCC, or maybe the city, since it's cable.

That's why big business loves regulation - a common feature is a "safe harbor" that bars lawsuits and channels all dispute to the regulatory authority; the last thing TWC wants is a jury deciding how much they should pay you, and their tens of thousands of other victims.

Politicians sell this protection. The companies gladly pay for it.
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