Sun 05/24/20 KTM Ride

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Sun 05/24/20 KTM Ride

Post by Tetge »

Went out Mt Emma to the Forest Hwy to the Nine Mile, to the the top junction with the ACH, and then back, today, on the KTM. I was really rusty and wobbled all over the road, and held up traffic, etc. But, as usual, after only a few miles, the KTM made me grin, as there is something about a big naked single with a traditional upright seating position and big bars that feels right. It also helps that it is a fairly potent big single, with short gearing and a nice loud exhaust note that barks if the throttle is whacked. It all adds up to fun, even when just cruising, as I did.

I used up most of the dark, thick, very old fuel in the tank, and, strangely, the KTM did not appear to mind. I stopped on the way home at a station near my house and filled up with 3.1 gallons of fresh fuel, and, as the bike holds 3.7 gallons per KTM, and since i did not overfill the tank, I figure that now I have 5 parts fresh fuel and 1 part old fuel, so that is a plus, as it has been worrying me a bit. Not that it seemed to matter on the ride, but, I was just on a mellow cruise, so I was taking it easy on the engine.

But, I rode, and, who cares how fast, as that Prius that passed me, must have been in a hurry, and, I might have been able to match her pace if I had to.....

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Re: Sun 05/24/20 KTM Ride

Post by jhwalker »

:clap: ;) bueno.

I had the 22 staples pulled from my shoulder. The little puller
device works like a champ...
I guess this is thread jumping. solly.

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Re: Sun 05/24/20 KTM Ride

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Sounds like some fun! You've gotta be careful with those Priuses, Priui?.. anyway, they can be wily. You never know what under the hood. :lol:

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