Rock Inn

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Rock Inn

Post by xbacksideslider » Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:04 pm

A brief history. Built 1928 after a fire destroyed a hotel and general store across the street.

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Re: Rock Inn

Post by Tetge » Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:31 pm

They have a good pulled pork/tri tip sandwich and the drinks are not too bad. But, a bunch of unsavory bikers seem to hang out there, so it may not be a safe place to go to.

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Re: Rock Inn

Post by Brakelate » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:40 am

I will have to tell you some time of the day I "rescued", who I recall as being "Mrs. Koslo" back in the freak snowstorm of early winter, 2009 or so.

I should verify some names and facts for accuracy before posting the full length version, but almost-short version is this; Freak snow storm headed for AV, rolls in at evening rush hour. The 14, ACH and all of that close. I run around to the 5 to Lake Hughes road, sneaking in, just as they close the 5 over the Grapevine. About half way across LHR, the snow begins falling. About five miles before the North end, other like-minded sneaky commuters have bypassed all the road closures on the freeways and became stuck in the snow, ice, freezing rain and packed down conditions, that made passage in their little commuter cars impossible. The road fills with vehicles over the side, in the middle of the road, all over the place.

In my greatest of luck (this was heading into one of my few 4 days off in a row, so it was crucial to arrive before the storm, get home, bunker down and ride it out.) So, after watching the approaching weather like a hawk, with my half assed self taught forecast showing snow, I had wisely left the Cobra at home, and took the wife's 4x4 Dodge 1500 pick up to work that morning. Even with the fancy assed 20" Sport wheels, it was awesome! I slithered right around everyone, and tried to help out a few, and even offered rides out to some... all of which chose to stay with their stuck cars. (?)

I headed through the town of Lake Hughes, towards Munsen Ranch road, not too far East of the Rock Inn. Where I came across a compact car all spun around in the ditch. We were still well up in the snow line altitude, and it was dropping, fast. I think it was a new VW Beetle at the time. Anywhooo. I watch as this lady spins out and down the shoulder of the road and gets stuck. I offer to give her a ride, if she will abandon her vehicle. Turn out, this very attractive, very charming woman ends up being the Mayor of Lake Hughes and the wife of the owner of the Rock Inn. I gave her a ride, through the ever increasing snow, back to her beautiful, huge Victoria Styled Southern Mansion home and large piece of real estate and dropped her off. By our arrival, we had shared a wonderful chat, rolling along in this winter wonderland. She actually invited me in, in the most polite, respectful way, to share in a cup of tea for the favor. But, alas, I had to go. Despite her explaining that her movie star actor husband / significant partner, was and has been out and travelling the globe on business without her for quite some time. I felt it best that I drop her off and make it home myself before the conditions became too severe, to the point in which, I too would have likely become stranded, as I was just running the stock big balloon bulbous Goodyear Wrangler HP's on the truck - a A/T designated tire, but a pure Road tire to be clear.

And thus, I left the fine woman and went on my way. I cannot recall, or perhaps should not recall her name in print at the moment, but it was a once in a lifetime interesting experience, all the way around.

Very charming, beautiful woman of fine, proud and highly respectable character and bloodline, to be sure.

I later saw her name, running for re-election in the Mayoral race. Perhaps it was years later. On the ride home, as one of our topics, she spoke of the Rock Inn, and it's unique history.

I have not seen or recalled her name for about Six years or so now. Very interesting. I believe I related the story to Tetge and perhaps some others following the event. But, I seem a bit hazy on all the details at 5am, having not been able to sleep for yet again, another night wasted in constant concern for my financial future.


What a fine day, indeed.


Oh, and then I went home, and got in the Fullsized Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition with the 5.4L and 4x4, with better tires and lower insurance rates, grabbed my son and headed off to patrol the streets on the West side of the Antelope Valley, from AV College, all the way to the 138, 110th St West and back to Lake Hughes, for stranded, stuck and freezing commuters who were ill prepared for such an event. We pulled out quite a few and stood by, warming some others and providing company until the one or two tow 4x4 tow trucks, from as far away as Lake Isabella and Bakersfield arrived on scene to go to work. Cars were strewn all about for about 36 hrs, before they could all be freed, at the hand of either a tow truck or as the warm asphalt eroded the snow depth enough so that they could free themselves.

But, it was a long night of volunteer work, as I knew no CHP, LASO or anyone else would be running that night. They only had ONE 4x4 Expedition Patrol Vehicle in all of the Antelope Valley, from the Grapevine to the Cajon Pass at the time!!! A few Deputies tried running chains in desperation, but those were all tossed off and the rear fenders beat to death after the first one or two blocks of running "Code 3" to all the injury traffic collision reports. About 55 is all you could do in a Crown Vic, before it shat its pants and threw the chains into the wheel wells like the sheetmetal chainsaws from hell. Someone had A LOT of report filing to do, by the time this was all over. And I? Simply returned to my leather chair in front of the fire place, after giving my son an all night lesson in how not to be Self Serving. ;)

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Re: Rock Inn

Post by SonicVenum » Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:50 pm

You're a real life hero, Jay. No wonder you chose those super-hero, Power Ranger leathers! :mrgreen: :clap:

Joking aside, most people would not do what you did. You made it home after already stopping countless times to help folks, and rather hunkering down in the warmth, you grabbed up mini-Brakelate to go out, brave the cold, and teach him a real-life lesson in loving thy neighbor. My hat's off to you.

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