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Re: Rossi & Marquez

Post by SonicVenum » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:30 pm

I'll tell you how many points Rossi cost Marquez... 0.

In Argentina (Round 3), the crash was completely Marquez' fault. After Rossi re-passes on the outside, Marquez slides into him at the next corner (actually hitting Rossi's body with his leg/bike), then doesn't ensure there's enough room between them for the next corner, allowing his front to come in contact with Rossi's rear as they switch. Crash.

Watch the Assen videos again. Watch every angle. Marquez clearly slides into Rossi. He came in too hot, and used Rossi as a bumper to make the corner. Rossi did not initiate that contact, unless you think he has the power of telekinesis and used it to slide Marquez bike into him. In fact, Marquez came in so hot, even after using Rossi's bike as a bumper, he still ended up going all the way outside the track limit on the other side.

In Sepang (there was no crash at Philip Island, just toying with Rossi and Iannone to keep Rossi from getting to Lorenzo), again, watch the videos. Marquez could have gone wider, but the point is, he had no intention of competing in that race. His only intention was to disrupt Rossi's championship battle.

It's obvious Marquez is a very talented rider, and is faster than Rossi at this point. There is no denying that. Same with Lorenzo. He's a freakin robot that can rattle off lap after lap within half a second (as long as he's not battling with anyone). BUT, a championship is won with consistency as well as speed. Rossi was, by far, the most consistent rider this year. Had Lorenzo not made a couple early mistakes this season, he would've walked away with the championship. If Marquez hadn't crashed so much, he would've been in the mix.

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Re: Rossi & Marquez

Post by xbacksideslider » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:10 pm
Rossi knocks Marquez down at Argentina –
Rossi’s swing to his right could have been innocent
Marquez put himself at risk by having his front wheel in that position
Without doubt, Rossi knew Marquez was there on Rossi’s right
Rossi tricks Marquez – and the rules - at Assen
Rossi gets the contact he needs to cut the course, whacks the throttle open, flips the bike left, and legally cuts the course to win
Slow mo – Assen. Better angle, you can see how Rossi tightens on the entry, that forces contact with Marquez.
Then you can see the throttle induced wheelie – which proves premeditation.
Rossi knew he was going to cut the corner and that he was going to legalize it by tightening on Marquez on the entry to get contact.
Then Rossi whacks the throttle open, gets the front end light so he can skim it across the gravel for the win.
On the other hand, Marquez WAS coming in hot but then, Rossi anticipated that. It is Assen’s chicane, and it is the last lap.
Sepang - Rossi appears to kick Marquez, Marquez goes down
Sepang – you can see how Rossi ran Marquez out of road
Sepang – slow mo, Marquez’ helmet touches Rossi’s knee and Rossi kicks his leg/knee out
Maybe a reflex? But Marquez, running out of road because of Rossi's move, was going down anyway.

After the Sepang knockdown, the race Stewards, and the MotoGP officials on appeal, gave Rossi a penalty point
That penalty point, on top of prior penalty points, put Rossi over the top in penalty points.
That meant that Rossi had to start from last position at Valencia.

Just for giggles, another aggressive move by Rossi -
The famous corner cutting corkscrew pass by Rossi on Stoner at Laguna at the 3 minute mark on the video
Notice how Rossi almost knocks Stoner down and how Stoner had to slow to avoid it.
Marquez - turnabout is fair play – on Rossi
Rossi hangs back – no near knock down for him; he knows what he did to Stoner, not going to happen to him!
He's been there done that.

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Re: Rossi & Marquez

Post by jhwalker » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:27 am

Today I am going to watch all of these again and see if I can be persuaded that Rossi is not the angel that I see him as. :-D

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