Kitchen Remodel?

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Kitchen Remodel?

Post by dcrobinson » Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:13 am

I have an 1880's house that was redone in the 1960's. We are just completeing the bathrooms, have already done the dining room, living room, bedrooms, and are finally down to the kitchen. We live near the water, so want something casual but fitting in the theme of the house. (Victorian Cottage) Any and all ideas are welcome. Floors? Countertops? Colors?Cabinets, new or paint? We dont have an unlimited budget, so need to save where we can, but I want one "wow factor item" that I will splurge on.


Kitchen Remodel?

Post by sweeney_daniel » Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:15 am

yes get it done.keep your mind fresh


Kitchen Remodel?

Post by Brittany » Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:15 am

Buy a new house duh 1880's?


Kitchen Remodel?

Post by Sherasi » Fri Mar 31, 2006 7:36 am

Victorian Cottage near water... is it ocean or lake sort of water?

I found a site that has some awsome cabinetry choices. Some of them have lighter woods and there are some really cool hardware options.

For example, this cabinet door was really lovely, rich but seems cottage-y to me. ... efault.jpg

You can use this site for ideas about where you want to start.

Here is a site that goes into details about what you see in Victorian-style kitchens in over-all appearance:

I hope this helps.

As for the decor.. you can get a lot of cool things for cheap at yard-sales, auctions, garage sales, flea markets, etc. Try finding auctions of old estate sales... many of these sales have inexpensive good stuff.

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