I still drive a Mustang

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I still drive a Mustang

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I still drive a 2017 Mustang GT. Not a fast or exciting car, but, it does have a V8 and a manual trans and IRS and really nice big brakes and it still is a tidy sized vehicle and a 2 door. But, no matter what, I always remember my Terminator and how I always had a smile on my face when I drove that car with all its character compared to the refined, slow, and boring, 2017. Not that it matters since I never get on the throttle these days, and, for sure, my racing days are long over. Funny, I drive it very gently. but, gutless as it is, it still gets lousy fuel mileage. Usually that would equate to some performance, but, as I said, the Terminator ruined me for any future Mustangs that I could ever afford, as clearly the GT500, which is priced far beyond my means, is fast, although it does not have a manual trans option.

But, you know, even a slow Mustang is still a Mustang, so, I have stuck with Mustangs since my brand new 1967 390 GTA, up to my current 2017 GT. I suppose that I could be called a Mustang fan boy, as most people mature and grow out of them and I never have.

Just checking in.

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