Iacocca Mustang

Iacocca Mustang

Postby 03_SONIC_BLUR » Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:35 pm

I had never seen one before. Some digging around the web reveals that Galpin Auto Sports made 45 of them in 2009. Hand made coach work on a 2009 GT running gear. Most had the blower option, which resulted in a Street price of $105K. If this was available on the 2015 platform, Tetge would buy one

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Re: Iacocca Mustang

Postby Brakelate » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:04 am

Interesting. Keep the power, drivetrain and suspension mods, throw on Track Pac Brakes, strip down the interior (keep the A/C and power windows, but pull the fancy NAV and Nannies) throw on some wide, non-cartoonish Black Petal Wheels with polished caps and outer lips, paint it Deep Forest Green, name it the "Bullitt Anniversary" edition, and I would drop coin on it... if I had any. :dance:
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Re: Iacocca Mustang

Postby Tetge » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:33 am

I am not a fan of tuner cars, which is why the Terminator was such a special car for me. It pretty much had all the wish list stuff that I had accumulated about Mustangs since I got a new 1967. 390 GTA. And, it was all engineered and tested and guaranteed by Ford, with some feedback from the existing Lightning, I would think. It also was reasonably priced, considering.

But, as I noted elsewhere, I have decided to keep my 2012. I like the more robust stick axle, and the lack of big brakes and taut suspension really is not a major issue, as I do not do track days, or even carve canyons in the cage. And, after sitting in the 2015, I think that I prefer the ergonomics and interior of my car, as I am also old school about that, and I have no smart phone or blue tooth devices, etc. I found my seats to be more comfortable as well, but, I did not try a car with Recaro's. The fact that the new cars are also portly and slow even in the optimistic corrected magazine tests entered into my decision as well.
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